Thursday, February 23, 2017

How to Order a Reading

For your New Year's Forecast for 2018, go to the Store tab in the menu (sometimes this is more visible from a laptop!).  The 40-Minute Audio Downloads are priced very affordably at $3.99. 
If you would like a personalized astrology reading, I provide readings via a pre-recorded audio download based on your birthchart.

If you are interested, please go to the "Store" tab of the menu above or email me at and I will put you in my calendar (usually takes 1-2 weeks from time of payment to the appointment time.

One-hour readings are $185.00. I no longer do 90 minute readings. Payments are made through the Store here on the website. 

Coaching appointments are also available by clicking on the Store tab in the menu. Each appointment is one hour.  Coaching works best if done at least three times! 

We have an exciting year coming up in 2018! Lot's and lots of changes going on.

All my blessings, Lee


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