Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Earth Day and the Earth Signs

Let's look at what's going on with the Earth signs on Earth Day. It's all about Pluto, Lilith and Mercury-Mars conjunct. What does that mean? Overall, it means we don't do anything by half in these areas of our charts. Or, if we DO do things by half, it's just sort of "eh," and we don't get the fabulous life makeover results. Time right now to Earth OUT--energy wise. We are practical, measured. We look long term. We have a plan. We expect things to take a little time. Aries in a business to do with food/land/comfort, Taurus in personal expression using themes of recycling or natural objects, Gemini in psychological groundedness/underpinnings via connecting with nature, Cancer in serious planning for future comfort with a "green" theme, Leo in business and reputation empire building while merging with trees, sand and salt, Virgo in publishing empire on topics dealing with some theme involving the natural world, Libra in financial empire building while mountain climbing or snorkeling, Scorpio in relationship depth discussion and making solid plans while in a kayak or similar, Sagittarius in health/schedule breakthroughs that support financial growth, Capricorn in creative genius/parenting genius inspired by nature, Aquarius in land deals or lying in a field of daisies, Pisces in little trips hither and yon via bicycle, canoe, gas-efficient car to sight see or gather data for nature/beauty/health blog. Or some version of this that makes sense to YOU. Mostly, just stick your nose outside your door and connect with fresh air.

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