Saturday, March 28, 2015

How the Heck Do I Forgive? How Do I Let Go of Pain?

Hang in there everyone! I am noticing a big theme that cuts across all signs right now. This is the larger Universal Message. I am assuming it is important! The theme has to do with past pain and forgiveness. These words "pain", "forgiveness" have a tendency to get lost in the noise of daily living. We know what they mean and most of us agree that letting go of pain sounds like an okay concept, you know, in theory. Same with forgiveness. It has this high-minded sort of vibe that we can't totally trash. The question isn't usually, "Are these good concepts?" but "HOW?" One key that seems more prominently featured right now is finding a way to allow yourself to be exactly the way you are and assume, no matter what is going on with you right now, IT IS PERFECT. No matter what is going on with your lover, your ex lover, the lover you are stalking and they keep running, your kids, your teens!, your frenemies, your arrogant and childish boss, your needy employees, your loud neighbor, all of it IS PERFECT. Why? Because if there is a natural order in life it is reflected in how things ARE every second of every day. If we don't like what we see, the picture isn't wrong. The dislike comes from our idea of the way things "should be." When "what is" and what "should be" don't match, we feel pain. We blame "what is" and the people who are just being who they are; we blame ourselves for not being who we aren't. It's like a small child looking at a mountain and blaming it for not being a lollipop instead. Just for today, practice saying to yourself about everything and everyone, "This is how it is. And this is perfect and beautiful, somehow. I am willing to try to see the beauty in how things really are."

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