Saturday, March 8, 2014

What is next? This is an exciting question you can answer.

Celebrate the good that is going on in this world. I just shared 16 posts on Google+ about all the wonderful things in this world, both old and new. Life is rich and filled with possibilities. Any time you hear someone drone on about "end of the world" scenarios, don't join in. Be more creative than that. Any time you hear someone drone on about world financial crisis, don't join in. Be more creative than that. Any time you hear someone drone on about nature imploding and total extinction, don't join in. Be more creative than that. Sure, it is part of human nature to want to watch a train wreck, stare at the horror and basically shut down. But it is much more interesting, if, say, we take the example of trains, to begin to think about taking transportation to the next level. The basic concept of a train (something that moves on rails) began at least as early as 1550 in Germany. What's next? Be the one to figure it out. Or, at least notice who IS figuring it out. I encourage you to leave the scene of any "train wreck" and begin to imagine what is next after trains. What is next after bamboo flooring? What is next after ice cream? What is next after suburban sprawl? What is next after heated socks? What is next after smart phones, because you better believe that smart phones are NOT the wave of the future. I mean, how long have they been around now? Whenever people start jumping in droves on a bandwagon, you can be sure that things will change. Someone, actually many people including you, are out there right now dreaming up what is next. What is next? It could be great. It could be wonderful. What is next? This is a fun and exciting question.


  1. What is next is the evolving of our people into a higher consciousness where peace pervades all..this is my hope anyway...great question...