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Pluto Doesn't Want a Personal Coach

Pluto doesn't want a personal coach. In combination with Uranus, it wants *Crash!* *Burn!* *Phoenix!* Just don't forget to phoenix. And to phoenix, you need to feel the burn. You need to understand the burn. The burn is the feeling we most avoid. It's the pain of a breakup. The pain of grief after a death. The burn of shame or humiliation. The burn of knowing we are not doing the right thing (whatever that is).

As my readers and viewers know, I have a very supportive style more like a personal coach. I invite people to partner in their forecasts and to use their internal wisdom. However, understandably, there are times when this coaching approach feels supremely frustrating. Often, I find that this is the case when Pluto is involved in some kind of heightened way.

Pluto is scary. The power is palpable. We freak out around Pluto's presence in our lives. And, wherever it is most impacting us, we feel like we need major lifelines thrown to us. The problem is that the more we look for those lifelines, the more terrified we become and the more blinded we are to our own ability to get out of Pluto's black hole. This usually brings about a complete tsunami of "destruction" in some area of life.

Why don't all signs and all people seem to suffer as badly? The answer is in how well they listen to their inner signals. We all listen well to some inner signals, but most of us ignore some vital messages our own inner wisdom sends up to our fully conscious mind.

Occasionally, I get a letter like the one I responded to below. It is always related to Pluto. Always. I share it to give you a feel for the harshness and desperation that is redolent in your life where Pluto sits. It is where you feel you have your darkest bits showing up. It is the area that most scares you about yourself. And therefore you want to do just about anything you can to look away.

Even if you sometimes try to look, there are areas of yourself where you have difficulty with "acceptance." It's not just you, or me, or them. This applies to humanity. We all know this feeling of Pluto. We share the fear it calls up.

The good news is that we can shift from fear to something much, much better. But we have to know, perhaps, that we can indeed do this. I include the below text because I don't feel like rewriting it into an essay. You get the raw, live action of a quickly written response to a frustrated client dealing with severe Pluto pain and angst.

But raw IS Pluto, so here it is so that you may find any resonance and apply any insights to your own Pluto experiences:

Hi ________,
I am glad you wrote this. I understand what you mean. And I understand your frustration.

 I looked back to dig deeper (one problem for me is that I do not always know how much knowledge people have of their own chart or what things mean. Also when I read I do often validate what people are doing currently. What this means is that all of what you are doing is good and you are mostly on the right path, albeit one that may be frustrating for you--yet, validation has a great deal of power).

Are you ready for my unflinching take? I would offer this:

These points really stand out--
  1. quote from client letter--” ( with only a exception:working on themes related to social injustices/boundaires to women, I will
    think about it althought social causes never appealed to me)”

I will talk very directly here, so just know I am being direct and not “short” with you but I hear in your note that you, perhaps, want very plain, direct, no b.s. language around your chart. So, with this in mind, here goes. I didn’t talk about this idea of social injustice frivolously or add it to your reading like icing on a pretty cake. This is vital to your evolution on this planet. You can believe that or discard it. It is your choice, as always. And please know that I never advocate for anything on my own agenda. There are 9 out of 10 readings I do where I never mention social injustice. Maybe fewer. This came through loud and clear on your chart and might not be one of the pieces of your chart that you are “living” as it were. So, instead of validation, it came across to you like a non-sequitur. In fact, it sounds like you have some internal resistance to this idea except you did say you might think about it. I believe this piece of your chart holds the key to your progress and working through that frustration of how things are in your life. Will it fix things overnight? Probably not, but I suspect that if you actually went down this pathway it would create a sea change in your life. However, I understand that you have choice here. You always have choice. You can choose not to do this and that is your choice. Just know that I recommended it to try to give you a remedy for the obvious angst you are feeling. Personal opinion based on so many cases is that this one thing would change your life completely. But it is up to you.

The other option is to live it out. To become the dark story of a woman. It is the old story of the artist who is brilliant, people love them, there is so much potential, yet they have a tragic life due to the constant view into things that are dark and on the abyss --and seek to run away from this in various ways, and never quite able to do so--it’s as though they keep getting sucked down into the mire by the pull of Pluto, clawing but not moving forward. Alarmingly, people living this potential Pluto story, find themselves. clawing at the sand to move up and out of this energy yet the more they try to escape it, the faster they backslide. This is one way to work with this particular astrology. To live this vignette over and over and over. It is exciting, angry, righteous, dramatic, wrought with pathos and a dark beauty. It has it’s own hypnotic pull. We make movies like this, that feel this way. The characters are beautiful, compelling, tragic, brilliant and doomed. It is high art. It looks good on a screen. It can pull us into a book. But, we can leave the theatre and put down the book.

Not so, with living this drama. One can’t leave until one realizes one can. Actually, in your own life, you can put down this drama and walk into the sunlight. It is possible and…this leads to the next point…

2) quote from client letter--“any clue to help me to understand and deal with  this gap in  a more personal,  deeper,  plutonian, productive, concrete level than" step into your power/you have the power"?”

You actually do have to step into your power to escape this or change the dynamic. When I looked at your chart, it was clear you might not be and, rather, are trying to dodge this very action. It was clear that you could perpetually get sucked backward until you completely live out the tragic artist story that exists for a reason because it is a very real and frightening pathway (albeit beautiful and compelling and righteously drawn to the “depth” and “grittiness” and “truth” and stubborn adherence to it’s performance-art nature in the form of a human life--as cautionary tale to all who behold)

The stubborn adherence people feel to living out this story exists not because these people are weak or bad or wrong or whatever. It exists because these people see it so clearly, so vividly. They feel it deep down. They do an odd trick of staying focused on this underbelly, je ne ‘sai quoi of Pluto while all the while wanting to run away from it. A bit like a moth to flame, but more complicated than that. And I do not mean to make it sound easy or like a no-brainer or to talk down to you. I am talking very directly more like astro-theory. However, I am keenly aware that there is a human being on the other side of a video or email.
That is why I do not speak in theory to actual humans wanting help. The theory can sound mean and hard and uncaring. But I think that my coaching style felt unhelpful to you so I am adding this theory part into this email to try to get at the reason for standing in your power, the reason to quickly pursue working with a social cause that resonates with you.

You may not be of this belief, but evolutionary astrology is of the belief that we are here to do something, whatever it is. We suffer when we are off track. The feeling of suffering is there to help us realize when we have forgotten some kind of fundamental truth that we need to remember to do what we are here to do or learn what we are here to learn or teach what we are hear to teach.

Personally, I think part of why we are here is to learn. However, I think there is a next step that is vital. It is teaching to others what we are learning. And not waiting for this. Doing it on the fly. Share your experiences. Share what you have to give, whatever it is. That is very likely to decrease, overall and over time, any angst, frustration or outright suffering in your daily existence.

You don’t have to face this, but it is my belief based on your astrology that you would do well to face that you are off track somewhere and that the answer is inside of you. You actually know what it is already. The issue is whether or not you will accept the answer.

I can only describe what that answer might feel like or involve. It involves working inwardly and outwardly with some demons that impact not only you but ripple out into the world around you. When you make an agreement within yourself to acknowledge where you have gone off track you are most likely going to begin to be drawn to ways to step into the world around you with this inner truth thing that you have agreed to see and admit. Once you “see” and accept whatever your own thing is, you will be moved to operate differently in the world around you and your whole life will begin to change in ways no one can predict.

However, I can describe what it will feel like:

It will feel good. You will know, automatically and without question that you are on the right path.
You will not care about bumps in the road
Old concerns die away and no longer concern you
You will want more rest
You will need to drink more water
You will find you want more quiet time
You will begin to feel better and stronger
You might begin to want to change some personal habits and habits you’ve never been able to change will change overnight
You will have a sense of empowerment
You will not care what others think
You will be less clingy in relationships and conversely draw far more people to you
You will feel at peace and know all is well even though external events could say otherwise but it won’t matter because you have that power I mentioned. It is not world domination power (although that is not excluded) but rather a deep empowerment that doesn’t go away

I could go on, but that’s probably enough. I sincerely hope you find a way to walk the path I hint at. I know you can do it, but personal choice is key here. No one is saying this first part of the Pluto switch-around is easy. It’s the single hardest thing you will have done or will ever have to do in your lifetime. That’s the truth. And it will piss people off no end that this is their lot. But, the miraculous thing that happens is that once you get past searching outside and once you allow yourself to see whatever it is you are not wanting to see, then “your lot in life” becomes a gift. It literally feels like life just handed you the best and most profound present in the universe. But no one can hand that to you except you.

Alas, I hope this hasn’t been too harsh, but I hear your frustration and I wanted to dig deeper for you.

Best of luck,

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  1. Thank you for a very interesting article. As I go through my current Pluto cycle (I'm a Cappy) I am really appreciative of your messages in this blog and on your videos. Thanks for the excellent read :)