Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Update of Symbolism Word Play for January 15 Full Moon

In today's news...

(New York Times, Washington) "The legislation, 1,582 pages in length and unveiled only two nights ago, embodies precisely what many House Republicans have railed against since the Tea Party movement began, a massive bill dropped in the cover of darkness and voted on before lawmakers could possibly have read it."

Out of the above we have:

Government law: Jupiter and Venus
"unveiled": Sun
"cover of darkness": Pluto and Moon
"two nights": Moon
"deception": Pluto
warlike tactics: Mars and Pluto
railed against: Uranus and Mars
Tea Party Movement: Uranus
Large document published: Jupiter, Sun

Ah, Venus Retro and Moon ("Valerie Trierweiler, First Lady..." and wronged wife)
(Telegraph, Paris) François Hollande has made the French presidency look "ridiculous" with his scooter-driven nocturnal trips to visit his mistress, Nicolas Sarkozy was reported as saying on Wednesday.
As the scandal over Mr Hollande's affair with Julie Gayet, a 41-year old actress, continued to reverberate around France, Le Canard Enchaîné, the investigative weekly, said that Mr Sarkozy – his Right-wing predecessor – has been gloating over his rival's woes.
"He's got himself into a right old pickle," he was reported as saying to "visitors".
"Perhaps this will put an end to all his moralising," said Mr Sarkozy, whose Socialist successor has often accused of shamelessly exploiting his private life for political gain.
"With Carla, we tried to quickly make our relationship official because I didn't want a photo taken one sordid morning or after nightfall," Le Canard cites him as saying.
Government leaders: Jupiter, Sun
Scandal: Pluto, Uranus
Older woman: Venus retro, Moon
older actress: Sun, Venus Retro
Mistress: Lilith reverberations, Moon
Nightfall: Moon

Political Unrest...

(New York Times, Cairo) "In recent days, the new government has arrested at least seven activists merely for trying to hang signs or stickers opposing the new charter. On Tuesday, more were arrested, state news media reported.

The voting began with a small explosion near a court building in the Imbaba neighborhood of Giza, across the river from Cairo, damaging the façade but injuring no one.

By nightfall, the Ministry of Health said that at least 11 people had died, but even the deaths were disputed. The Brotherhood said at least four of the dead were civilians, including a child, who had been killed by the police."

Out the above we have:

government: Jupiter
"seven": Venus
activists: Uranus
hang signs (illuminating, pointing out, shedding light on): Sun
arrested: Mars, Pluto
voting: Uranus
explosion: Mars, Uranus, Pluto
court building: Jupiter, Venus
neighborhood (i.e. homes): Moon in Cancer
river (water reflection, the moon reflecting the legal structures): Moon in Cancer

Other Headlines...

Women Wanting Abortions Will Not Have to See a Doctor
Lena Dunham's Nudity on Girls is Refreshing
Inside Job alleged as thousands of Google+ and Maps listings Hijacked

Beetles, brochures and baseball caps on royal gift list

Female serial killer 'cast a spell' over victims before 10-day spree of violence
Patients with rare sight disorder get vision partly restored via gene therapy

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  1. Now this is truly substantive bolstering of the celestial influences you discussed earlier. Fascinating.

    I hope this doesn't seem like a total non sequitur, but this post reminded me of a Weird Tales short story from 1926 called The Night Wire that I just read.