Monday, January 13, 2014

Moon Issues Week January 13, 2014

Vive la Femme?

I don't speak French so I may have called a woman a jelly donut by accident. Apologies in advance, if so!

What I mean to highlight is that at the Full Moon this Wednesday (or within a day or two) a woman/mother/strong woman/female leader may draw attention or be in the spotlight. This may play out in little ways in your personal lives, but it is likely to play out on the world stage somehow. Prepare to feel a little up and down in your emotions this week (sometimes unexpectedly), especially around parenting, your mother or your children.

Another spin on the feminine theme is the metaphorical one. Mother Earth or Mother Ocean (more specifically and accurately, the tides or flooding). Or parental/leadership issues. Homeland, motherland, ancestry.

Anyway, we are on the topic of the moon right now and looking at the Full Moon of Wednesday, January 15, 2014. It moves into a formation of squares with all the other square players of late.

Therefore, we have the usual suspects:

Mars--energy, lust, passion, anger, heat, explosion, fresh starts, determination, thoughts of exercise, surgery, sharp, thoughts of justice,
thoughts of red throw pillows or a red scarf, sleeplessness
Pluto--underground energy, oil, volcano, earth plates, black holes, sex, what lies beneath, death, political cycle, nature's cycles, old relationship issues, old mother-daughter issues
Uranus--surprises!, sudden movements, sudden events, changes of opinion, changes in power, changes in air travel, changes in internet
usage, electricity, inventions, eccentricity, lightning


Venus Retrograde--a judicial review, a re-think on fashion, hair and design, a desire for all things retro, older women/glamour take(s) center stage, older women have the edge over younger women, old relationships rise from the dead, hearing from people in your past (especially love interests)
Sun--heat, light, spotlight, attention, the ego, glitz, paparazzi, royalty, leaders, kings, queens, icons
An emphasis on Mars as the day opens--decisive action, explosion, eruption, heat, fire, testosterone
Jupiter--quick expansion, luck, money, food, drink, wine, travel, foreign soil, the law, archery, target
Lilith--a powerful woman, feeling empowered, empowerment, claiming power, independence, the first wife, divorce, betrayal, feeling wronged, a woman distinguishing herself from a stereotype

And, last but not least:

The Moon in all its glory, as it is Full--potent, reflection, reflection of royalty/leaders, potent remembrance, the feminine, queen mother, the mother, motherhood, parenting, parentage, the home, rhythms and cycles, childbirth, the family, ancestry, ancestral, lineage, food, stomach issues, digestion, the tides, tides turning, tidal (title), emotional, overflowing emotion, sentimentality

So, as always with astrology, you just take one word from each of the above lists (do this in endless combinations!) and see what you find. There are countless ways this could go. This is why astrology is more about the large pattern as opposed to the simplistic, narrow viewpoint. When my eyes scan those lists, I know what I see. But we can do the exercise here just to get a feel for it.

Energy, oil, power change, a judicial review, leaders, money, claiming power, tides turning

Heat, volcano, sudden event, again (maybe same volcano or area of world, with feminine name, perhaps?), heat, eruption, feared but may come to nothing, a lot of drama but not really dangerous (this is Lilith...forgot to add to list)

Or, surgery, death, sudden event, older woman, leader, a nation, powerful woman, emotional

Or, passion, sex, sudden event, red scarf or pillow, past love, paparazzi, testosterone, quick expansion, betrayal

Or, exercise, black hole, aging, ego, quick expansion, large stomach, digestive issues, sour grapes (another  Lilith possibility...)

You see? It is a word puzzle. You can play with it, too. See what you make of it! But don't scare yourself with the darker words. There is no help to anyone by being too dark about this. On this page, it is merely a word game, a bit like Mad-Libs. Events will take their own course, all we do here is play with the symbolism to see what, if any, message we get from the heavens.

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