Wednesday, December 25, 2013

2014 Overview Holiday Gift to All!

Happy New Year!

2014 begins with a question mark in the sense that something is being asked of us. But what?

We may have more than a year to answer but the question has been building in each of our lives (and in governments, cultures, corporations and basically any group). Only you know, or will know, what question is being asked of you. In some respects, we can look to our sun sign, rising sign or moon sign for clues, however, in all honesty, your birth chart is so complex that when I say clues I really mean "clues." You may recognize one or two clues from astrology, a clue or two that seems to ring a bell for you or turn on that light over your head.

Do many of you have a sense that there is a question bubbling up in your existence? If so, then presumably you are in a good spot to get on the high side of this astro-scape and harness it to move your life forward in some way. If you do not sense this question, don't worry. You have 2-3 more years to catch on.

January's scopes on Youtube go into this for each sign and you might get some hints there. Overall, and VERY broadly, I would say that the larger, and somewhat complicated, "question" includes the following:

  • Relationships of ALL stripes under scrutiny (person to person, group to group, nation to nation, corporation to government, individual to government, individual to corporation, etc.)
  • Balancing power inequities while the opposite stance digs in until dismantled by their own actions (the idea here is NOT revolution but a strange karma-like undoing)
  • The "meek shall inherit the Earth" (not overnight, but this theme across religions and cultures is ever popular)/ while the opposite stance digs in until dismantled by their own actions (the idea here is NOT revolution but a strange karma-like undoing)
  • An interesting and new form of minimalism
  • Counter Materialism gains pop culture popularity/ while the opposing force doesn't "get it"
  • New understandings of "money" or "currency" take hold
  • A de-emphasis on "blaming"/ while the opposing force becomes louder until looking foolish and more or less impotent
  • An emphasis on analyzing "self" and (for many) identifying unhelpful patterns in oneself
  • An exceptional ability for each individual (and other, larger entities) to enact change "within"
  • Diplomacy more valued/ while the opposing force becomes more and more crass, yet ultimately crushed by their own actions
  • Transparency is valued and expected more and more/ while opposing view digs in and is ultimately crushed by own actions
  • Dignity of the individual is more and more valued while conversely the good of the whole is more and more visible to those who make up "the whole"
  • Spirituality on the rise but with a twist and newness of perspective/ while old views dig in but cannot stem the tide
  • Poetry and other forms of creative expression mushroom around the world/ while there may be some fruitless attempts to quell this trend
  • Also, re above point, new technology for communication and other forms of communication will be explored and begin to come into being
  • Outmoded stuff, ideas, will simply dissolve or die a quick and almost unremarkable death, never to be picked up again--dustbin of history...
  • A "no looking back" ability takes hold. People, groups, nations just seem to "move on"
  • People will "travel lighter" in many senses of that phrase. Some literally choosing to live out of a suitcase. Some suddenly lighter due to a somewhat surprising offload of personal "baggage."
  • As a consequence, a new form of "living standard" and "home" evolve 
  • A person you may know (or you) who can hold a grudge like a champion, might suddenly seem free of angst
  • Others who cannot drop angst and grudges will find this habit unsustainable in some kind of harsh-seeming way (forewarned is forearmed...)
  • A person you know (or you) who has held fast to some kind of opinion or ideology or "story" about life, might suddenly alter the previous opinion, ideology or story. Just like that!
  • You will see many people, including yourself, changing in surprising ways over the next 2-3 years.

Embrace it! Thrive on.


  1. Hi, what is the difference between a personalized overview and a one on one reading? What does each offer?

  2. Hi Dee, A 2014 reading would focus more exclusively on this year while the personalized reading can be just about anything you would like it to be. Sometimes in the personalized reading, for example, I might just walk someone through their own birth chart to explain it to them and to tell them what their chart said about them at birth. Other times, for a personalized reading, I might focus on a set of narrow questions and look out 3-5 years to address the questions. Does this help? Happy to answer any other questions or to try to explain it for you. Thanks and Happy New Year.