Monday, November 18, 2013

A Glimmer of Change in Something that, Up until Now, Was Deeply Ingrained

Mercury is conjunct the North Node today. At the time I write this, and in my longitude and latitude, Aries is dominant (since it takes the placement of the Rising Sign and the 1st House on the chart for this day, moment and place).

This last bit about Aries is interesting to me because the degree where Uranus sits just this moment is very close in degree to Mercury and the North Node in Scorpio (and, in this case, the 8th House). I wonder if right now all up and down the Eastern Seaboard of the US, people are focused on issues to do with partnerships as they relate to finances, secrets about a partner, their images as related to partnership issues or finances, and pursuing a deep study of some sort? And, maybe physical intimacy issues.

The 8th is also a house of desire. And, people often desire money, partners with money and intimacy--preferably all at once and in an unchanging state once they "have" all these things, if they are lucky enough to have them at all.

The deep study is more subtle yet certainly a strength right now with Saturn present. Additionally, any effort to slowly, but consistently, deal with finances is a sound practice at this moment. As for intimacy, well, unless you are coupled with a Capricorn and have Aries strongly featured in your chart, you might be in a state of yearning in this regard and at this moment.

At this moment, people are feeling stuck around these issues (in some form or fashion). And their thoughts are reaching a turning point right about now. What could be happening (not just here, but around the world)? Let's look at possibilities:

  • A decision to go ahead and pay bills (or at least look at them; or at least figure out where they are hiding in your stack of mail)
  • A decision to work with a financial advisor, attorney, accountant, government representative to fix any lingering problems
  • A new way of seeing your financial world
  • A new way of seeing your partner
  • A new way of seeing your whole psyche as related to all the darkness in your recent life
  • A mind-blowing realization that you still haven't quite digested
  • Serious longing for intimacy
  • A serious talk about intimacy
  • Taking a peek at your darker self, even if just for a moment
  • A fated encounter to do with partnership, finance, and intimacy

It's sort of action-packed, isn't it? The 8th house is a deep house indeed. Your mental outlook is deeply affected, as well. Possibly fear, doubt and worry.

How to deal? Of course, with Saturn and Uranus involved you have two divergent pathways and toolkits. One toolkit is one in which you, yourself, continue to evolve (i.e. CHANGE) to fix yourself first. The other toolkit and remedy is to continue to slog toward financial fitness and deep understanding of how your value system (deep conditioning that completely drives your thoughts and decisions) impacts your mental and physical health.

Beyond the conjunction of Mercury and the North Node in "near time," we are gearing up for a change of direction with Uranus (the planet in closest degree to current conjunction). So, stuff you are working on, desiring, and studying deeply will play into a major turning point for you in December. That is why today is worthy of a pause to reflect on this very moment. If you take a look forward to mid-December, what would you like to see change by then? Between now and then, you will need to change your approach somewhat and have a plan in place to get best results.

Honestly, many of you are being called to dramatically transform or shift in some way. In one area of your life, you are approaching a complete about face. Are you ready? Do you see this already? I imagine some of you see this as of today, within the last few hours or the next few hours.


  1. Very interesting. Yes, I can definitely see most, if not all, of that list weighing upon my mind right now. I've been thinking a lot about that "shadow self," and mostly realizing that it's ("he's" would be the better term I suppose) not all that bad, even if he does need to straighten up and be more positive about himself.

    I've been feeling and creating a lot of personal transformation this year, particularly the past couple of months. It's been mostly internal transformation, and that's the path that has been most satisfying. I get the feeling it will dovetail into the other path eventually.

    I'm not sure if I see what the coming transformation will result in. I feel it coming, though. More accurately, I think it would be better to say I feel it around me, with me caught up in it like some silent storm, and no clear idea of where I'll end up as I maneuver through it all. Old goals have become less important to me now, replaced by others that are just beginning to coalesce, ones that I've only recently glimpsed as the changes whirl all around me.

    Well, that was way more vague than I intended, but I'm sure you get what I mean.

  2. This all sounds very good! And, as always, well written:)