Sunday, November 3, 2013

Like Clockwork

New Moon Solar Eclipse and about 15 other big things going on in November!

Ready. Set. Go.

We just keep moving this month. And thank goodness for Mercury Retrograde--even with its frustrations. Otherwise there would be far too many irreversible decisions made in the heat of too many moments from here to Timbuktu.

And we won't even have Mercury retrograde for too much longer. However, just about the time Mercury goes direct we will have Jupiter going retrograde in near proximity. And Neptune Direct. And, and, and. The list goes on.

You know how the inner workings of complex Swiss clocks look under a magnifying glass? Wheels and cogs of different diameters spinning in different directions? Yet, when they all work as a whole, you can tell time?

That's November's image.

It's like clockwork. Just complex clockwork. And it isn't digital. It's analog and there is something beautiful about it--like a work of art.

Also, in keeping with the idea of "inner workings" so much of this complex astro is internal to each of us on a deep, deep level. With all the water sign energy, emotions rise to the surface like an eternal spring we can't seem to shut off. Learning to swim or at least to float is a good idea right about now. If nothing else, just look for something to grab onto and trust that eventually you will drift into a shipping lane and get rescued by a cruise boat. And cruise boats have umbrella drinks, masseuses and goofy shows, as a rule.

It's the small things. Find a few for which to be grateful.

And some of you might be enjoying renewed depth of emotion and feel more connected to yourselves as a result of this emotion valve opening up. Remember, emotions are not inherently bad. They could be just what the doctor ordered.

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