Thursday, October 24, 2013

Happy Halloween!

We have so much happening in the skies right now, I wonder if anyone feels bored? Is anybody bored out there? Certainly not here! But, in truth, I am never bored.

Keep in mind that these could be turbulent times over the next 6 weeks. Turbulent, in this case, means time will fly and there may be a feeling of not being able to keep up in one or two (or more!) areas of life. This doesn't mean you won't be able to keep up, only that the feeling might be there.

With some people, this might feel like anxiety or mild but persistent panic (maybe pre-panic). With others, there might be a feeling of swinging from hopeful to hopeless or from upbeat to inexplicably crestfallen or sad. For a few of you, there will be lots of pull to simply dropout or checkout via endless and mindless distractions, shopping overload, vacation planning, living-in-the-future syndrome (the bane of any astrologer's existence and one to watch out for!), and diving into diversionary projects--so that they smack of validity yet threaten to eclipse daily routines and necessary demands. The most extreme dropouts will go the route of addiction: food, sugar, alcohol or drugs--just to name a few.

Speaking of living-in-the-future-syndrome, I suppose it is time to look toward the new year. Although I do encourage all of us to stay in the present moment--because it does indeed need our attention--in order for me to produce in a timely way I will begin working on a written version of 2014 for each sign. This will be a more economical way for you to get a view into 2014. To pre-order yours, just look below masthead for link and click.

Additionally, I will offer a personalized, 30-minute video on your 2014. Again, to pre-order (this is good if expediency matters to you) and get in line to receive your video, see the right-hand column for the appropriate link to Paypal. First come, first serve.


  1. Hi
    Congratulations for your blog so very fresh! I have a question, but is not about the post. Perhaps this is not the right place to post it, but I could not find a direct email.
    I would like to know the difference among the " personalized overview" and the " standart one-on-one reading". Many thanks!

    1. Hi there... Good question. The Overview refers to 2014, and would look at your personal 2014. The One-on-One reading allows you to ask any questions you want to--or sometimes I just look for prominent themes in a chart and we discuss those.