Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Can The Law of Attraction Backfire?

I am doing something new in response to the many people who are trying the Law of Attraction and experiencing frustration or, worse, devastation. Sometimes in re-building a life, or even a segment of life, there needs to be some clearing or Deconstruction.

In honor of an often ignored feature of Attraction, I will have Deconstruction Days. If you or anyone you know has a:
  1. Great story about trying The Law of Attraction,
  2. Devastation in the wake of trying it, and
  3. Any questions at all about The Law of Attraction 
Please send these stories and questions to me. I will collect enough to host a few specials on the stories and do my best to deal with questions posed.
If you send something, please make sure to give me your first name and state where you live.
Feel free to mention the Rising Sign and Sun Sign of the person in question plus the year and month they first endeavored to try The Law of Attraction.


  1. I watch your YouTube videos regularly. I've come here before because you posted the URL, and wanted to check back and see how you'd progressed with this. I don't know much about the Law of Attraction, at least as it applies to the real world, and wanted to see examples of it in use, and the results. How is it coming along, as far as putting together Deconstruction Days?

  2. Hey Jeff, Yes. I have had a few stories come in. I was waiting to see if anything else came in. Of course, I forgot to add this request to the November videos because I wanted to keep a tight focus on those. Oh well, this project may be slow:) But I am curious to see what people say.

    1. I decided to send in a story that I thought might apply to this, though I don't know if it counts or not. I sent it to your GMail address, but the autoreply let me know you may not see it for a while. I can send it elsewhere if that would be better.

  3. Excuse me; I meant your GMX email address above.

  4. Positive thoughts AS WELL AS feelings play the large part in ushering into MY OWN lives wealth, prosperity, AND happiness.
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